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Since our foundation in Cologne in 1919, our owner-run company has brought together tradition with progress. We represent a broad range of products and expertise in the area of resistor- and drive technologies for industry.

Our function-oriented and low-maintenance products give customers high levels of reliability for the machines, thus assuring their long-term economic success.

We work with renowned companies worldwide - and would love to work with you too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Photo OneUnsere Unternehmensbroschüre:
Our new brochure is finished · Nuestro nuevo foleto
Notre nouvelle brochure · La nostra nuova brochure
Наша новая брошюра

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+++ Newly-developed automation systems are being used as shredder drives, +++            +++ which are controlled via a modern PLC and a programmed controller. +++

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